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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Fantasy Football 101

footballlockerFor those people who have never played or were curious about fantasy football we have created a 'Fantasy Football 101" to help you along the way.

Create or join a League

Ok, you’ve decided to play fantasy football. Now what? First you need to join a league. You most likely took care of that when you became involved. If not there are several options to find competition. You can create or join free leagues such as Yahoo! or ESPN. If you are in it for glory or are a serious player and put money on the line you can find many pay and reward leagues out there that can return over 90% of your investment such as an AntSports League .

Create a Team Identity

Once you are in a league you have to create an identity. This is accomplished by naming your franchise and creating a logo, on top of that you can create posts and trash talk your opponents or be known as the quiet one. Either way this will help to identify your team as the one that people look forward to playing and beating or this could be your thoughts going in depending on how you set yourself up.


Read and re-read the league rules and understand them. This is very important as this can diffuse conflicts and avoid issues in the first place. Rules are there to provide order and control for your league. If you created the league – this is step number 1 – creating the rules. As a participant, be sure to follow the rules as it will make life easier for your commissioner and you.


rankingsNow comes the fun part. You have probably set a draft date and you will either have an online or offline draft. We always think the atmosphere is better when everyone can be jammed into a space and draft as a party, but in a lot of cases that can’t happen. The alternative is an online draft or email variant where the selections are made from a computer versus putting stickers on a draft board.

How does one prepare for a draft? This is the most work you will do in preparing, scouring the websites for data on players, looking for rankings (QB, RB, WR, TE, DT, K), cheatsheets, bye week information, NFL team schedules and essentially anything you can get your hands on to give you that edge. We have tried to provide you all that and more here at

Mock drafting is also a useful tool as outlined in the article “The Importance of the Mock Draft”. This will provide you with an edge on where players are going based upon a scoring system and public perception. You may also want to review our article on “Tips for a Successful Draft”, to help you succeed on draft day.

Setting Your Team

Now you have a team and you need to put in the best lineup possible. clipboard Checking out our gameday section will offer advice on starting and sitting players. You should evaluate past performances versus defenses as an indicator of how well a position will do. If one of your QB’s is playing a pass friendly defense then it is a good move to start him over another one. The same goes for wide receivers, but in this type of match up the RB may not perform as well. Always assume that there are some players who are “Unbenchable”, if you don’t know check to be sure.

Weekly Play

Each week of the season you will need to monitor your team and make adjustments as needed. Sometimes that may mean cutting loose a guy you were waiting on in return for a hot free agent. Free agency is a natural extension of the draft that you must go through each week of the season to ensure your team has the best opportunity to succeed. Injuries also happen and the only way to adjust is to be out on the free agency wire. Trades are also not out of the question. There may be a need you have and a need you can fill that is mutually beneficial or you can steal from an opponent who is uninformed or oblivious. It is also good to talk up the game in the online forum or trash talk board to get someone’s goat.

End of the Season / Playoffs

downmarkerIf all goes well you will be in the playoffs and going for the ultimate prize, the championship, and all that comes with it; fame, glory, riches and status and maybe even a name on your trophy. You have to pay even more attention to the news on your players and who to sit or bench each week as every point becomes critical.

If you did not make the playoffs, just remember there is always next year. You must learn from what happened and why you missed the playoffs, did someone get injured? Did you draft a bunch of busts? Sleepers never panned out? For some reason or another your campaign failed to reach its goal, but did you have fun trying?

For the Love of the Game

In the end with the season over, it is good if you can get your league together for a presentation to the Champ and reminisce about the glory you won or missed, at least you can give someone heck for sweeping the series with them this year. The main reason we play this game is because of the love of the real game of football. In the end we would watch it each weekend anyhow, but luckily someone found a way to make even more fun out of it and make an enjoyable pastime even more enjoyable. Drink up, enjoy the moment because planning starts again for the next year with the NFL free agency period in March and the NFL Draft in April. Until then get some rest and dream of victory.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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8/13/2006 02:16:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This site is one of the best I have ever seen, wish I had one like this.

8/18/2006 05:26:00 AM  
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