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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

What did We Learn Week 1?

Week 1 is in the books. Here is a run down of the things we've learned.

  1. We've learned that somehow the Chiefs and Colts were able to magically create defense. Both teams basically pitched a shutout until a garbage time score in the 4th quarter.
  2. We've learned that another year that had hope for the Seahawks started off horrible - is it time to start the Mike Holmgren watch?
  3. We've learned that there are many concerns about Chad Pennington - and the shoulder is only the beginning.
  4. We've learned that Jake Plummer is once again a far cry from John Elway.
  5. We've been reinforced about Priest Holmes and the KC offense, Peyton Manning and the Colt offense.
  6. We felt good about New Orleans winning on the road.
  7. We found out once again that the pre-season is totally meaningless...ask the Jets and Bronco's.
  8. We've learned that Eli Manning may shine eventually.
  9. We saw that Carson Palmer can get it done.
  10. We found out that it really doesn't matter who runs the ball in Pittsburgh - they will succeed - Willie Parker.
  11. We found out Steve Smith is back.
  12. We saw that nothing is a given in the NFL this year - except maybe the Pats and Colts.
  13. We learned that pre-game fighting and ejections can cost a team a game by losing players and draining emotion so there is no juice in the second half.

In a topsy turvey week 1, where many people probably lost money gambling, we saw poor teams from last year essentially get half of their winning total from the previous season.


Mike Martz - the clock management king probably cost his team a real shot at winning the game. Brett Favre can not play in domes, the Minnesota Vikings said they didn't miss Randy, but looked otherwise. Larry Johnson should see the field more - if you handcuffed him to Holmes - now the question is who to start. Patriots looks solid yet again. Buffalo can and will win games by field goal. The new coaches were prepared. Dallas impressed and Cincinnati did as well. New Orleans may have some magic in that old hat. Denver is confusing many people and so is Tennessee. Willie Parker - you are the most aquired man in fantasy this week. Each week brings a new drama.

Free Agents:

Running Backs:

Willie Parker - What needs to be said here - he did an amazing job. He will be a factor as Bettis is old and injury prone and Staley is collecting checks from the infirmary.

Stephen Davis - He sure looked like the main man for Carolina.

Brandon Jacobs - Kind of like Larry Johnson, but not as many touches yet - if Tiki goes down his numbers go way up.

Wide Receivers:

Robert Ferguson - With Walker out Ferguson is the #2 guy in GB.

Patrick Crayton - Looke impressive.

Arnez Battle - some one else to catch in SF.

Joe Jurevicius - Red Zone target

Shaun McDonald - Was looked at and thrown to many times.

Watch - Frisman Jackson - Big day from unknown.


Gus Ferotte - He led the Dolphins to what appeared to be an easy win.

Drew Bledsoe - He is a statue, but was effective for Dallas yesterday.

Mark Brunell - Sure the offense did not move, but he seemed more comfortable in there than Ramsey - in a deeper league he could serve as backup.

Tight Ends :

Alex Smith - 2 TD's in first game can't be bad.

Courtney Anderson

Chris Baker - sure it was garbage time, but alot of looks.

Watch - Daniel Wilcox - who needs Todd Heap - OK it was in garbage time, but still some one to watch?


Blogger johngonzo61351515 said...

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9/14/2005 01:14:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We learned that Holmes and LJ may split time. All predicted in Preistonomics. If LJ gets arrested for assaulting a woman or something, it could be good for Holmes owners.

9/14/2005 11:43:00 AM  
Anonymous Hermes said...

It is not yet confirmed, but rumor has it that Randy McMichael was there on the scene aiding LJ in whipping that byatch around the bar.

9/14/2005 05:35:00 PM  

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