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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Diary of a Madman: Draft #3

Finally, on Saturday, I completed my third and final draft for the 2005 season. League 3 is about the same in rules as league 1 with the exception of a mandatory TE. This league, also, requires 2 RBs in the starting lineup, 1 pt per reception, 6 points per passing TD, 1 pt per 10yds rushing, 1 pt per 20yrds receiving, and 1 pt per 75yds passing. Interestingly, because of the 1 pt per 20yrds receiving, WRs are not quite up to the level of the top 10 RBs. Therefore it is critical I get 2 RBs in the first 2 rounds. Like league 1, I am drafting at #7 – you all know by now how I despise being in this position.

Round 1, Pick 7: If you remember at the end of diary #2, I make the pronouncement of Davis and Barber due to the pass catching dimension. However, something unexpected happened. Edgerrin James fell into my lap.

Round 2, Pick 18: Westbrook is falling but gets picked a few spots ahead, rightfully so, again I expect to pick Tiki Barber as my #2. Again, unexpectedly, Kevin Jones has fallen to my pick. Although, I have Kevin in my previous 2 drafts, I got to pick him here, even though his stock is falling faster than Global Crossing.

Round 3, Pick 31: WR are on a major run, so it looks like a tier 2 WR is on its way. Nate Burleson is my pick. A few weeks ago, I would have been disappointed, but his stock has been on the rise due to a good pre-season for the offense.

Round 4, Pick 42: Sticking to my overall plan for all my drafts, I choose a WR, Darrel Jackson. I’m not necessarily high on Jackson, but he should be productive as my #2 WR. Still in shock, I’m starring at my top 2 picks on the board, at this point

Round 5, Pick 55: Ok, so I’ve picked a RB in both of my drafts so far to protect the position from injury. However, I am so pleased with James and Jones, I am veering from the plan. To get the most impact in my starting lineup as possible, I select another WR, thereby, completing my starting lineup for both RB and WR. No backups, I’m going for it. Anquan Boldin is my pick. Most of the other WRs were off the board, but in round 5, Boldin is a value.

Round 6, Pick 66: As in every draft, the QBs are on a run, at this point. I am not going to be left behind this time and take no chance by selecting Carson Palmer. Not the best pick, but 9 QBs were already off the board.

Round 7, Pick 79: To protect Palmer’s potential to suck, I select a backup QB immediately. Jake Delhomme is available, but I select Matt Hasselbeck. This may end up being a mistake, however.

Round 8, Pick 90: Here is where I decide to really go for it. I pick the Baltimore defense. I’m leaving my self a little vulnerable by not selecting a backup RB yet, but I’m going for the championship in this draft.

Starting Lineup

QB Carson Palmer/Matt Hasselbeck

RB Edgerrin James

RB Kevin Jones

WR Nate Burleson

WR Darrel Jackson

WR Anquan Boldin

DT Baltimore

PK Matt Stover

This is a championship roster. I felt that as soon as I got James and Jones. And I didn’t mess it up by waiting too long to select a QB and I got 3 nice WRs to complement J&J. Perhaps the only thing that can stop me is the potential for James to go down to injury. I’m not all that well protected with Marshall Faulk, Marcel Shipp and Chester Taylor as backups. I also missed out of Dominic Rhoads, but someone picked him too soon.

As you can see from these drafts, I got progressively better with each. I didn’t totally blow any of the three drafts, but I do wish I did better with #1. I found that working off a customized cheat sheet works best so that I can just cross them off. I used a laptop in the first draft and got distracted due to problems. Keep it simple, stupid, as they say.

So, what do you think?

I hope that, at least, you got some entertainment from my fantasy travels.

See you around.


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