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Thursday, August 11, 2005

TO - Going going...gone?

Eagles fans were chanting a new song at Lehigh this afternoon, "TO, TO, TO Must GO, TO...Must Go," and by the look of things, they may be on to something. Though many thought it impossible, TO has raised this training camp "circus" to a whole new level and word on the steet is that the Eagles brass will be importing 4 Elephants, 2 tigers along with a few clowns for practice tomorrow morning. Actually, they can cancel the clowns because they already have one by the name of Terrell Owens.

What is this guy thinking? Tonight he went on ESPN and though he has been refusing to speak with his teammates, he had no problem talking about them on National TV. On the air tonight Owens proclaimed that Coach Reid told him to "shut up" yesterday after Reid confronted him about blowing off a second consecutive fan autograph session. He then told the coach that he should "Shut the (bleep) up" and that,"my last name isn't Reid." Owens continued "I'm not one of your kids. The last time I checked my last name was Owens." Really, TO, I thought your last name was me, myself and I. Ownes then indicated that he has not spoken with McNabb since he arrived at camp and does not plan to speak with the QB this season (where is Jeff Garcia when you need him?). TO later confirmed that he told his offensive coordinator, Brad Childress, not to speak to him unless spoken to by TO. To top it off, Owens then declared that, "I feel like I'm being ultimately disrespected."

Excuse me. Did I hear that right? TO is the one being disrespected? What world does this guy live in? What is going on in his head; because from where I sit, TO has thrown away the rest of his career and the money he is so desperately fighting for along with it. According to several league sources, after seeing TO perform "workouts" on his front lawn yesterday with helicopters hovering above, there is no GM in the league that has any interest in him. Do you hear that interest. And as far as the Philly fans are concerned, the same ones that would have voted you Mayor after your SB performance, well they could be overheard yelling, "YO Adrian, tell TO to shut up!"

As far as the fantasy impact of all this, I hope your draft is several weeks away because right now, I would advise anyone drafting to stay clear of this entire team. Why? Well lets just say that this is TO's opening act...he always gets what he wants - no matter what the price! I just hope for TO's sake he likes the cold weather; because there are no warm weather teams in the CFL!


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