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Monday, August 08, 2005

Draft Day is Here - What are you going to do?

'The' day is finally upon you. You have waited since the season ended last year to find a way repeat or redeem yourself. That day is now here. It is the day for your fantasy draft. The drafts come in all shapes and sizes, online, email, auction, live and in-person. I really prefer the live in-person draft. Everyone gathers in a confined space carrying their portable war rooms. Here are a few things to go over so you can get a leg up on the competition on draft day - the most important day in you fantasy year. Here a a few essentials:
  • Be there on time - a little early is better. Pick out your spot and claim it. Get relaxed.
  • Keep your mind on what is going on - you are in this for the win baby!
  • Be ready for your pick and then get ready for your next pick - be prepared.
  • Drinking is for one of 2 things - to get your competition sloshed or to celebrate a great draft.

Once the draft starts you have your cheatsheet, magazine, program, whathaveyou ready and pen and hi-liter in hand. You know in most cases what your pick is going to be. You should have a pretty good idea at this point who your first 2-3 picks will be based upon researching it with your cheatsheet and looking at the average draft info. Check the news and for injuries prior to getting there.

Once you get through the early rounds - you should have a base for your squad. These are the bread and butter guys - you did not reach and you did not take a sleeper early here. This is the core of who you will be counting on each week. Now the middle rounds - here is where you will round out your team. Finish the positions you require based on league, start to draft some fantasy backups - it really is too early to draft the NFL backups, but some will. You will also see people fall into the inevitable position run. Don't get caught up in this one - keep drafting for value. A position run is when 3 or more of the same position are taken in a round - this is a must with RB in the first couple rounds, but in the middle rounds people are quite susceptible to the power of suggestion.

Later rounds - this is where you find those gems, sleepers, etc. This is where you would handcuff people as well. Handcuff is where you draft the backup of a star feeling that they could produce points in that system - examples - Priest Holmes and Larry Johnson, Faulk and Jackson - you get the picture. Some defenses go early, so keep that in mind - better be sure on taking a kicker earlier than the last couple rounds as well.

Now you have your team - is that it? No way - you have to keep up with them and know what is going on and always have an eye out to pick up the free agent that is hot - it may be all you need to get to the championship.

Final note - be sure that when you banter or heckle other owners that you stay in your game - you can get them off theirs, but don't let it distract you. It is always fun to make them feel that they made a bad pick.


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