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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Putin's a Patriot?

With the end of the cold war many years ago, I guess that the title could be somewhat correct in some way now that he has a Patriots Super Bowl ring. The NFL franchise that has won 3 of the last 4 Super Bowls is now handing out 'Patriot' rings to the Russians. Does that seem strange? I mean the symbol of the patriot can be seen as those who turned back the British in the Revolutionary War, and has morphed into a symbol of what Americans refer to themselves in wars since. Giving Putin a Patriot ring seems strange as he is not a 'Patriot' in symbol or as part of the NFL team, yet he now has a ring - it was a gift, but as a gesture of what? Next thing you know some Russian company will move in and buy up all the Mobile gas stations and call it Lukoil or something.
I suppose you can gift anything - Shannon Sharpe gifted one of his SB rings to his brother Sterling - is that the same kind of thing? No way. Some players have pawned the ring in the past to pay for things, but that seems different too. I just don't know what Putin did to deserve this 'gift' - does he even know what football is? In anycase the deed is done and now Putin has what many a player seeks - a Super Bowl ring.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

T.O. = Totally Offended!

How does one turn quite possibly the best story in sports last year into a movie you want to forget? Recipe:

  1. Play a great season of football.
  2. Break your leg a couple weeks prior to the playoffs.
  3. Make a statement that you will be back for the Super Bowl
  4. Make it back to the SuperBowl and play out of your mind.
  5. Become a hero to a city that loves that kind of story.

How does one ruin that?

  1. Bad mouth your QB after Super Bowl loss.
  2. Get a new agent.
  3. Begin a public campaign to smear yourself.
  4. Hold out of mini camps.
  5. threaten to hold out the season unless a new contract is done.

Maybe it is just me, but after one year of a contract where, with signing bonus, you made over $9 million would you want to re-up? Did you win the Super Bowl? No. Even though you played amazingly after returning from a broken leg - you did not win. You are in the second year of your contract and it is a lot less cash than last year and the next year - welcome to the NFL salary cap and the magic of capology.

The town you play in would have followed you off a cliff, but you changed all that and what is the real cost? Hold out and the season is lost - you are not as young as you used to be so this would be a lost year of earnings and the contract still holds. You could have made endorsements out the wazzoo, but now showing your true colors, no one wants to follow you off the cliff anymore and you have lost your endorsement appeal, plus why have someone endorse a product if they are not playing. Do what you say and say what you do!

The team that signed you will not flinch, they are businessmen and have proven over the years they can handle salary cap football and will not sacrifice the future of the franchise for one person. They brought you in to win a Super Bowl - that did not happen so what leg do you have to stand on? (no pun intended). So will he really hold out? I can't believe that he will - the money, the spotlight, the thrill of being on ESPN with a TD catch - can he hold out from that? We will find out in September - maybe sooner, but I guess he does not want to sweat in training camp this summer. We are watching T.O., what is your next move?

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Run Ricky, Run!

Ricky Williams will apply for reinstatement at the end of July. Is that good news? Maybe for the Dolphins - and only if he does well so they can try to dump him. Where will he be drafted on the day of your fantasy draft? I don't know, but I do know he will be drafted. I will do my best to avoid him - but as everyone knows in the right round at the right price - anyone can go.
I just can not understand this guy. One minute in New Orleans he is shy introvert, hiding behind the helmet - then traded to the Dolphins and does real well for them - and then decides to retire to smoke some weed and travel, all while owing somewhere in the neighborhood of $8.6 million. Did he only come back to get the price off of his head? Who knows?
If I was on the Dolphins, I would not trust him as far as I could throw him. Why would I want this guy on my team? He could change his mind again in the middle of a blocking assignment. Ricky will have a hard time getting the Dolphins or any team to buy into the 'I want to play football again' thing. It is one thing to have to worry about injury to your RB, but if he will flake out and disappear.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Welcome to the Fantasygods Blog!

We will be posting articles on fantasy football - with our own unique spin. Postings will vary from informational, review, humor and more. Frequency of updates will greatly depend on what is going on in football. We are mostly football centric, but will comment on other topics and sports as well.