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Sunday, August 13, 2006

New Fantasy Football Game

It is Like Two Great Tastes in One Candy Bar

Doyou like Reese's Peanut Butter Cups? What if you could combine your fantasy addiction with say, a players value or worth at a particular time? Like playing the fantasy football stock market. Well now you can, and you can register for free. If you can not get enough of fantasy football then join up and compete for cash prizes.
New Fantasy Football Game. Win cash and prizes for playing a sports stock market game. Free to join. Sign up now.

PROTRADE: Head to Head with Troy Aikman

Sign up now for football while the values are
still low - buy low sell high! Hey, you've got nothing to lose -
it's free.

New Fantasy Football Game. Win cash and prizes for playing a sports stock market game. Free to join. Sign up now.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Top 6 Running Back Steals

thiefMake no mistake, these are not the six best running backs on the board, but they are the six best picks by position that you can make on draft day. Based on where they are currently being selected (ADP) in fantasy drafts, these players provide maximum value for their forecasted fantasy returns in 2006.

For those of you who have already drafted, it’s not too late as we recommend trading for these Top Six Running Back Steals! If you plan on winning your league make sure to get a few of these gems on your team this season!

Read more here.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Most Likely to Get Injured List 2006


gump“It happens.”, at least that is what Forest Gump quipped in the edited for TV version of the movie. And he’s right; it does happen; at least to me.

You draft a great team and start the season strong, rolling up points and victories, knowing that the Championship will soon be yours. Then, unexpectedly, at least to you, “it” happens….INJURIES.

You’re on the couch on a Sunday afternoon, checking the stats and you see one of your players is stuck at the same yardage. Hmmm; maybe the computer hasn’t refreshed itself, you think. After refreshing the computer, your player’s stats still haven’t changed and the panic sets in. Is he hurt? Is it a concussion? Is it an ACL? Is he done? Is my team finished? Scrambling, you surf the net for any player updates. Then you switch to FOX or CBS to find info and then you see it; a horrific replay of your WR’s ankle being broken in four places…so much for the championship! You then tell yourself, “I should have never drafted him, I knew he was going to get hurt!”

Read the entire article here.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Evaluating the Average Draft - July

The average draft information for a league like the one you will be involved in can provide great insight into where particular players are going to be taken. There are of course exceptions like when an owner drafts from his favorite team early or an owner jumps on a ‘sleeper’ too early. Below we will go through the average draft information for the month of July and see what it is telling us. It is, after all, the collective thinking of the die hard fantasy football players at this point.We will assume a 12 team league that scores on high performance and requires a tight end and receptions are valued at 1 point per. We will do another evaluation in mid August, right before the majority of drafts are done.

***For different scoring scenarios check out other average draft information here.

Round 1
Continue article here.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Steve Smith Injures Hamstring

steve_smithMidway through the afternoon session, Smith pulled up while running a long route down the left sideline. He immediately clutched his left hamstring, took a couple of steps and fell to the ground.

Two trainers came to his side, and Smith slowly got to his feet after about a minute. He threw his gloves in anger, got onto the back of the cart and was brought inside.

"It seems like he probably strained it," Panthers general manager Marty Hurney said. "He's done this before in training camp."

Bottom Line: This situation bears watching and we will let you know if this ends up being significant. If Smith is out or is nursing a hamstring injury for any period of time it automatically adjusts the top of the WR rankings.

Other notable news and information...

Friday, July 28, 2006

Chief Concern in Kansas City

Offensive Lineman, Willie Roaf Retires

Wille Roaf, offensive tackle for the Kansas City Chiefs has announced his retirement from the NFL. One of the league's top offensive linemen, Roaf is calling it a careerl after 13 seasons. While he was adamant about his desire to play early in the offseason, lingering injuries to his hamstring and knee led to Roaf's decision to retire.

Bottom line: Fantasy football owners be aware that this will affect Larry Johnson's value and impact and adds confusion to the overall number 1 pick at this point. We will modify the statistics accordingly with our next update.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

First Big Name Camp Casualty

New Cleveland Browns Free Agent Center, LeCharles Bentley, was carted off the field during the team's first training camp practice Thursday. According to the Associated Press, Bentley got tangled up in a pile of players while blocking on a running play. He screamed "No" and remained on the ground for several minutes before his left leg was immobilized and he was carted to the locker room. The injury appears to be serious.

Bottom line:
If he is out for any length of time or the season this really puts a damper on the hope of the franchise as they needed a strong line to support Ruben Droughns and Charlie Frye.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Law Signs With Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs have signed Ty Law to play opposite of Patrick Surtain and help shore up the Kansas City secondary.

Ashley Lelie has front office approval from the Broncos to seek a trade - suitors are said to be Tennessee, Chicago, Baltimore, New England, Philadelphia and San Francisco. The Broncos are said to be looking for running back help - if that is the case then Chicago and Tennessee would appear to be the front runners as they have depth at the position.

Rookies are signing like crazy now that the camps are opening around the league - there is a provision in the latest labor agreement that allows clubs to up the fines (almost triple) for rookies who hold out. This should help everyone get into camp quickly.

Friday, July 21, 2006

NFL Cheerleader Links

As a fantasy football player it is important to not forget one of the main benefits of watching football. Sure we love the stats, the hits, the big plays, but as the television timeouts are about to take place or the coverage returns there is that one element that keeps us glued to the television. You know the one, when the sposors ad gets lost and you actually try to look around them to see what is going on. Ok, I will just tell you then, the Cheerleaders. What would a Sunday be without them? Below we provide you links to the cheerleading sites so you never have to be without.

Get the links here.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Fantasygods.Com Cheat Sheet Generator

We have added a new tool for registered users in the downloads section of the site. This tool is to help with your draft by creating positional cheat sheets. Register and download this tool now. We will update the files in the tool as we update our rankings.
If you would like some pre-canned cheatsheets then you can download print off one of the following based on the rankings we publish:

To get FREE fantasy football cheatsheets click here.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

NFL Training Camp Begins This Week

Finally, after months of waiting, the NFL gets ready to kick off the 2006 season. Some camps start this week while most start next week for a complete list of training camp schedules click here. Each year the teams go to camp and try to improve upon last season's performance. It also provides a nice opportunity for the fans to get up close and personal with the players. Green Bay is famous for having to ride bicycles through the fans to get to the practice grounds, but most camps do offer alot for everyone. There are autograph sessions, merchandise and activities for children as well. The majority of camps are located in areas that offer the opportunity to get out and explore, whether it is in the area of culinary delights or historic landmarks, there is plenty to see and do.
Read more here.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Fantasy Football 101

footballlockerFor those people who have never played or were curious about fantasy football we have created a 'Fantasy Football 101" to help you along the way.

Create or join a League

Ok, you’ve decided to play fantasy football. Now what? First you need to join a league. You most likely took care of that when you became involved. If not there are several options to find competition. You can create or join free leagues such as Yahoo! or ESPN. If you are in it for glory or are a serious player and put money on the line you can find many pay and reward leagues out there that can return over 90% of your investment such as an AntSports League .

Create a Team Identity

Once you are in a league you have to create an identity. This is accomplished by naming your franchise and creating a logo, on top of that you can create posts and trash talk your opponents or be known as the quiet one. Either way this will help to identify your team as the one that people look forward to playing and beating or this could be your thoughts going in depending on how you set yourself up.


Read and re-read the league rules and understand them. This is very important as this can diffuse conflicts and avoid issues in the first place. Rules are there to provide order and control for your league. If you created the league – this is step number 1 – creating the rules. As a participant, be sure to follow the rules as it will make life easier for your commissioner and you.


rankingsNow comes the fun part. You have probably set a draft date and you will either have an online or offline draft. We always think the atmosphere is better when everyone can be jammed into a space and draft as a party, but in a lot of cases that can’t happen. The alternative is an online draft or email variant where the selections are made from a computer versus putting stickers on a draft board.

How does one prepare for a draft? This is the most work you will do in preparing, scouring the websites for data on players, looking for rankings (QB, RB, WR, TE, DT, K), cheatsheets, bye week information, NFL team schedules and essentially anything you can get your hands on to give you that edge. We have tried to provide you all that and more here at

Mock drafting is also a useful tool as outlined in the article “The Importance of the Mock Draft”. This will provide you with an edge on where players are going based upon a scoring system and public perception. You may also want to review our article on “Tips for a Successful Draft”, to help you succeed on draft day.

Setting Your Team

Now you have a team and you need to put in the best lineup possible. clipboard Checking out our gameday section will offer advice on starting and sitting players. You should evaluate past performances versus defenses as an indicator of how well a position will do. If one of your QB’s is playing a pass friendly defense then it is a good move to start him over another one. The same goes for wide receivers, but in this type of match up the RB may not perform as well. Always assume that there are some players who are “Unbenchable”, if you don’t know check to be sure.

Weekly Play

Each week of the season you will need to monitor your team and make adjustments as needed. Sometimes that may mean cutting loose a guy you were waiting on in return for a hot free agent. Free agency is a natural extension of the draft that you must go through each week of the season to ensure your team has the best opportunity to succeed. Injuries also happen and the only way to adjust is to be out on the free agency wire. Trades are also not out of the question. There may be a need you have and a need you can fill that is mutually beneficial or you can steal from an opponent who is uninformed or oblivious. It is also good to talk up the game in the online forum or trash talk board to get someone’s goat.

End of the Season / Playoffs

downmarkerIf all goes well you will be in the playoffs and going for the ultimate prize, the championship, and all that comes with it; fame, glory, riches and status and maybe even a name on your trophy. You have to pay even more attention to the news on your players and who to sit or bench each week as every point becomes critical.

If you did not make the playoffs, just remember there is always next year. You must learn from what happened and why you missed the playoffs, did someone get injured? Did you draft a bunch of busts? Sleepers never panned out? For some reason or another your campaign failed to reach its goal, but did you have fun trying?

For the Love of the Game

In the end with the season over, it is good if you can get your league together for a presentation to the Champ and reminisce about the glory you won or missed, at least you can give someone heck for sweeping the series with them this year. The main reason we play this game is because of the love of the real game of football. In the end we would watch it each weekend anyhow, but luckily someone found a way to make even more fun out of it and make an enjoyable pastime even more enjoyable. Drink up, enjoy the moment because planning starts again for the next year with the NFL free agency period in March and the NFL Draft in April. Until then get some rest and dream of victory.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

2006 Divisional Predictions Part 8

NFC West

1. Seattle Seahawks

SEAOver the last 10 years the Super Bowl loser has not returned to the playoffs. Will Seattle continue that trend or break it? They have in their mind that the ref’s gave the Steelers the game and, true or not, that should provide plenty of incentive to return to the playoffs. Seattle could easily win the division again, knowing the recent trends we are apprehensive, however, with the off season moves they made we could see them making another run. It will be a race in the West for sure, first time in a long time.

The off season saw the strange loss of G, Steve Hutchinson to Minnesota. The use of the loopholes to make it impossible for Seattle to match was what was strange about it. This was a huge loss for the Seahawks. Filling in for him will be crucial as the side of the line that was Jones and Hutchinson was RB, Alexander’s bread and butter. Other notable departures were DE, Rodney Bailey (Pit), CB, Andre Dyson (NYJ), WR, Joe Jurevicius (Cle), and S, Marquand Manuel (GB). To offset these losses and sure up the gaps already existing the Seahawks signed T, Tom Ashworth (NE), LB, Julian Peterson (SF), WR, Nate Burleson (Min), DT, Russell Davis (Ari) and DE, Kemp Rasmussen (Car).

In drafting, the Seahawks took defensive players on day one selecting CB, Kelly Jennings and DE, Darryl Tapp with their 1st and 2nd round picks. Day two was offensive as they selected a G, FB, P and WR with their remaining choices.

The Seahawks could have the post Super Bowl losers bad season as has been trended by the last 10 years of Super Bowl losers, but we think they have done enough to offset their losses and have a fire in their belly from the way they lost the Super Bowl to still win this division, but it will not be as easy as it was in the past as Arizona and St. Louis are closing the gap – any misstep by the Hawks and they could easily be 3rd.

Read more here.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

2006 Divisional Predictions Part 7

AFC West

1. Denver Broncos

DEN Jake Plummer is being questioned once again about his ability to win in big games following last years Pittsburgh loss in the playoffs. Denver dominated many of the games they played in last year only to come up short once again. This year they have made some additional adjustments that they hope will get them over the hump and provide no excuses in gettingto the promised land.

In free agency, the Broncos lost RB, Mike Anderson (Bal) and DT, Trevor Pryce (Bal). They were able to keep everyone else and in addition the acquired LB’s, Nate Webster (Cin) and T.J. Hollowell (Chi) as well as DE, Kenard Lang (Cle) and CB, Willie Middlebrook (SF) to sure up the defense.

In the draft, the Broncos hit paydirt with the trade acquisition of WR, Javon Walker from Green Bay and then started selecting their picks for Day 1 selecting QB, Jay Cutler in the first round as the heir apparent to Jake Plummer, but who knows when that will take place. In the 2nd round they took TE, Tony Scheffler to provide some impact at that position, a position that has not been filled properly since the departure of Shannon Sharpe. On day two of the draft the Broncos were stockpiling offensive personnel taking 2 WR’s and a DE with their three 4th round picks and then rounding out the draft by taking a G and a C with their 5th and 6th round selections.

The Broncos added better LB’s in free agency and replaced their loss at DE, but will they have the horsepower to keep up with the rushing attack of Kansas City? If they can they will retain the division crown, but there is not a lot of wiggle room at the top of this division for them to get away with a lot of mistakes.

Read more here.